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Gozo College Sir Arturo Mercieca Primary School Victoria Students Year 4 together with Ta Frenċ staff.


Sir Arturo Mercieca Primary School Victoria students given the opportunity to gain two-day hands-on experience at Ta’ Frenċ Restaurant

Gozo College Sir Arturo Mercieca Primary School Victoria Year 4 students were recently given the opportunity to gain hands-on experience at Ta’ Frenċ restaurant.

During the visit, the restaurant manager provided the students with a presentation on table etiquette and demonstrated proper behaviour at the table.

Thomas Curmi, Managing Director Seventy Six Seventy Ltd who runs Ta Frenċ presented with a signed card by the students.

Signed card.

After the presentation, the students were given the opportunity to set the table themselves, taking turns to practice what they had learned. On the second day, the Executive chef carried out a cooking demonstration in which all students had to participate hands-on. The outing culminated in a delicious lunch, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all the students.

The management of Seventy Six Seventy Ltd, the management company which runs Ta’ Frenċ, said that they look forward to hosting children from different schools to experience the full dining experience at the restaurant.

“Children should be exposed to the industry and benefit from experiences such as these by understanding the importance of table manners and etiquette, as this make the person who he or she really is. We are pleased that our local schools are looking beyond the academics and give their students an understanding of this industry with all the values that bring with it,” said Thomas Curmi and Joseph Tabone.

Eric Gauci, Food & Beverage Manager at Ta Frenċ, carrying a demonstration on the table etiquette and preparations.

Joseph Brincat, Executive Chef at Ta Frenċ, demonstrates cooking practices.

Head of School Lelio Spiteri expressed his gratitude to Ta’ Frenċ for hosting the students: “The experience for our students was simply amazing. The staff were so friendly, sharing information in a fun way so that all students could understand what was being said and done. Hands-on activities are the best learning opportunities for our children.”

The visit to Ta’ Frenċ restaurant was a valuable learning experience for the students, giving them a glimpse into the workings of a high-end restaurant and teaching them important social skills. The students were able to learn through practical experience, which will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on them.

The management and staff at Ta’ Frenċ were pleased to host the students and appreciated the opportunity to contribute to their education. The restaurant is committed to supporting education and providing opportunities for students to learn and grow.

For more information about Ta’ Frenċ restaurant, visit their website: www.tafrenc.mt