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Fine art meets culinary art

As well as being a haven of gastronomic delights, Ta’ Frenċ also provides a welcoming space for artists to showcase their work, offering an enriching experience of art in its many senses.

What makes Ta’ Frenċ an unparalleled exhibition venue is the way in which the ancient farmhouse has been expertly restored and translated into a contemporary space without losing its authentic features. For local artists this is an un-missable opportunity to display paintings, sculptures and other original work, for the restaurant’s patrons to admire, as well as acquire.

Mario Agius

Mario Agius is renowned for his wood sculptures both locally and internationally. His creations can be found in a number of private collections all around the world, and churches on the island can attribute many of their wooden sculptures to his artistry.

Mario Agius

Focusing on the depictions of life and essential states of being, il-ħajja explores narratives transmitted through various elements associated with the cycle of life through materiality, symbolism and sculpture. The body of work presented by Mario Agius investigates what it is to be human, showcasing a certain affinity to the natural processes of human development and life through its primarily expressionistic nature. At heart to the artist’s work is an exploration of figurative elements as vessels for the eternal soul, where various representations of the body are direct reflections of fundamental human experiences, spirituality and emotions.