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Ta’ Frenċ celebrates its 40th anniversary

A sum of €5,000 was raised during the event in aid of Arka Foundation

It’s been forty years since Ta’ Frenċ opened its doors for the first time. Offering an exquisite culinary experience, Ta’ Frenċ set out to reach the pinnacle of the hospitality industry and so it did. These forty years can be defined as distinctive moments full of special memories, stories, and events for all those who have had the pleasure of spending time at Ta’ Frenċ.

However, this landmark date would not have been possible without the original Ta’ Frenċ founders, Ino Attard and Lino Cefai. They showed nothing but passion and love for service, a love for natural ingredients, and an admiration for fine dining. They were also never shy of innovations.

‘Ino Attard and Lino Cefai were the visionary founders of the restaurant, transforming this old farmhouse, stone by stone, to create what was then called Auberge Ta’ Frenċ, with its red-checked tablecloths and rustic French-style furniture’, claims Thomas Curmi, Ta’ Frenċ director. ‘Very soon, Ta’ Frenċ, as it became known, was the place to dine on Gozo. No one knows better than my business partner, Joseph Tabone, and I that Ino’s and Lino’s are big shoes to fill. But, realising that the restaurant was going to pass out of the hands of the two families, we couldn’t let Ta’ Frenċ go to just anyone.’

With all their bravery, Thomas Curmi and Joseph Tabone have taken the helm to guide Ta’ Frenċ to more years of fine dining and convivial experiences. Thanks to these two gentlemen, Ino and Lino’s vision will continue to prosper and flourish, to bring exciting times ahead to every customer who visits Ta’ Frenċ.

Ta’ Frenċ has always been a leader in the hospitality industry in the Maltese islands, not only for its many innovations, which have, flatteringly for us, often been imitated, but for its commitment to training new generations of staff’, claims Joseph Tabone, Ta’ Frenc director.

‘Ta’ Frenċ has always been famous for glamorous evenings such as tonight and fans of these events will be delighted to learn that the new management fully intends to carry on the tradition established by Ino. Indeed, the main message we want to leave you with this evening is that Ta’ Frenċ will always be Ta’ Frenċ, such as you, and we, have always known and loved it.’

To celebrate these 40 years , on Thursday 30th June, Ta’ Frenċ organised an event called ‘Festin ma’ The Travellers’, a celebration of Maltese authenticity, curated by Executive Chef Joseph Brincat and his team. Funds raised during this evening, totalling €5,000, went to the Arka Foundation, a voluntary, non-governmental organisation that promotes the welfare of people with special needs and their families. The event consisted of chef-hosted food stations and flowing wine, together with live entertainment provided by the talented local band, The Travellers, and a live sculpture exhibition by Mario Agius.

Thomas Curmi states ‘We are immensely proud of the standard Ta’ Frenċ set in today’s hospitality industry. It is not an easy industry to thrive in. It took immense dedication, passion, and a true love of fine dining to make Ta’ Frenċ a success story. However, we believe that nothing comes easy, and our hard work is evident in the exquisite service that we give to our loyal clients today.’

Ta’ Frenċ has been a haven for fine dining in the Maltese Islands since it opened. Internationally renowned for its exceptional food, sophisticated ambience and impeccable wine cellar, the restaurant is a hidden gem just off the main road from Victoria to Marsalforn, Gozo. Listed in the first Michelin online guide, Ta’ Frenċ is open for dinner from Monday to Saturday (except Tuesdays) from 18.30hrs to 21.00.00hrs (last order accepted) and Sunday lunch from 12.00hrs to 13.30hrs (last order accepted). For more information or to book your table, please contact Ta’ Frenċ at [email protected] or call on (+356) 2155 3888 or (+356) 7945 4794.