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Ta' Frenc Team


Delicata Diamond Distinction for Ta’ Frenċ

Delicata Winemaker has awarded Ta’ Frenċ Restaurant with the winery’s Diamond Distinction Award in recognition of their 41 years of successful trading. The award was presented as part of Delicata’s customer loyalty scheme.

During the presentation ceremony, Delicata’s Head of Marketing Georges Meekers, Area Sales Manager Charles Dalli, and Gozo Operations Manager Fabio Grech presented a framed certificate and a personalised three-litre double magnum of Gran Cavalier Syrah Rizerva DOK Malta Superior to Ta’ Frenċ Directors Thomas Curmi and Joseph Tabone.

The Delicata loyalty scheme offers different levels of achievement, including bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond, to clients who have been loyal purveyors of their wines for a specific number of years.

The Diamond Distinction Award is the highest accolade in the scheme and represents a significant milestone in the long-term relationship between the Delicata Winery and Ta’ Frenċ Restaurant.

During his speech, Mr Meekers expressed his gratitude to the owners, directors, and management of Ta’ Frenċ for their unwavering support, stating that customer loyalty is a vital aspect of their business. He emphasised that the Delicata Winery has been earning customer trust, bottle by bottle, for over 115 years, forever finding ways to improve.

“We believe that wine is an essential part of the culinary experience. That is why at Ta’ Frenċ, we go the extra mile to find and offer the best wines that enhance and complement the flavours and taste of our food,” said Ta’ Frenċ directors Thomas Curmi and Joseph Tabone.

The award is a symbol of the successful trading partnership between the two companies and a testament to Delicata’s commitment to excellence.

From left to right: Charles Dalli, Delicata’s Area Sales Manager, Joseph Tabone & Thomas Curmi, Ta’ Frenc Managing Directors, Georges Meekers, Delicata’s Head of Marketing, Fabio Grech, Delicata’s Gozo Operations Manager