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Ta' Frenc Valentine's Weekend 2021


Mon Petit Amour, My Little Love

Kindle the passion with a unique Valentine’s menu for the 14th of February

You are so meaningful to me,
I see you in every flower,
And I dream of you in every song,
A Love like this,
Can never be wrong.

Sandra Feldman

Love is undeniably in the air and Ta’ Frenċ is inviting you to celebrate your love with a romantic dinner at our intimate Hidden Gem. This Valentine’s Day enjoy the vibrant menu specially prepared for the occasion by our dedicated Ta’ Frenċ staff.

Start off with a devilish amuse-bouche followed by broccoli velouté accompanied with delicately cooked lobster tail and house-made oxtail cannelloni, while enjoying the romantic ambience. As a show-stopping main, relish in the delectable quail roulade with caramelized parsnip purée, foie gras and grape tartlet.

Wrap up your unforgettable evening with raspberry sorbet, crispy meringue, lime jelly, raspberry and rosewater syrup and then indulge in the final plate of whipped chocolate mousse, salted caramel, roasted peanut praline, cookie butter crumble ice cream.

We look forward to hosting you this Valentine’s Day for an exceptional affair at Ta’ Frenċ.



Amuse bouche
Soft egg, truffled potato mousseline, hazelnuts and chives

Broccoli velouté
Lightly cooked lobster tail with broccoli stem pieces, warm parmesan rice-flavoured cream and lobster oil

Oxtail cannelloni
House-made oxtail cannelloni, mushrooms and spinach fricassée, smoked Mornay sauce and chickpea velouté

Quail roulade
Caramelized parsnip purée, parsnips, foie gras and grape tartlet, charred baby onion, roasted crispy Jerusalem artichoke and grape infused poultry jus

Raspberry sorbet, crispy meringue, lime jelly, raspberry and rosewater syrup

Whipped chocolate mousse, salted caramel, roasted peanut praline and cookie butter crumble ice-cream

Coffee and Petit Four

Free-flowing Wine and Water
€75 per person

Book your table early to avoid disappointment !

Make your reservation online or call us on T: +356 2155 3888 or M: +356 7945 4794